About Us

Supporting Customers Through Building Relationships

Before we become your technology partner, here is some information about us

Hero IT Support is an innovative Brighton based small business IT Support company and, having started as a managed IT services provider in Brighton, now serve companies across the UK.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service – your problem is ours to solve.

Your business is guaranteed a robust, reliable service provided by a passionate team of managed IT service providers technical engineers. IT support services are our core focus, but we provide additional solutions to make it easier to come to us as your one source for all technology related requirements. If you require a service which we do not offer then we have the right partners available who have gone through an in depth evaluation to make sure they provide their clients with the same ethic, morals and integrity as us.

Hero IT Support’s mission is to continuously improve and optimise businesses as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Where we started

Hero IT Support was created over a decade ago by our Director, Ragnar, who started out at the University of Sussex studying Computer Science an Artificial Intelligence which led him to create Fitsystems Ltd in 2006.

In September 2017 we rebranded to Hero IT Support, this was because our clients gave us Hero chocolates and reviews saying that we were their IT heroes. Ragnar has developed a caring and efficient working environment which plays a big part in why our customers love the business IT services we provide. Ragnar has done a lot of public speaking and is an active GDPR practitioner which helps our existing customers feel safe and compliant when it comes to data security.

We are technology partners to every customer and our passion for technology provides minimal downtime and cost savings to our clients.

To us you are not a number.