Sponsors of Acument Business Convention 2016

With so many business leaders all in one place, sponsoring the Acumen convention was an easy decision. As we hit our 10th anniversary as an IT Support company, we decided to celebrate by sponsoring and attending the Acumen Business Convention back in 2016.

With dancing Zebras and Cobra Beer, we had an amazing time. It was great to see so many people enjoy, show interest in and get excited about our VR (Virtual Reality) demonstration.

Many Directors and Managers were intrigued to discus how to create productive, internal business technology and infrastructure to drive efficiency, scalability, and growth.


In Summary

To sum up the evening, there was great food, a great audience to exchange business tips with and an all round brilliant atmosphere. We were able to book free alignment meetings with many business Directors and Managers, allowing us to explain all the benefits of IT and how we can optimise technology best for you.


Book Your Free Alignment Meeting

Request your free business technology alignment meeting with our director and business tech expert Ragnar Barnsby.

  • The latest technology opportunities for businesses, including a VR (Virtual Reality) demo.
  • How to create successful business technology infrastructure to drive productivity, efficiency, scalability and growth.
  • How to protect your business for new and old threats in the most cost effective way that delivers when you need it.


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