Automation only

Trust, Security, Reliability, Protection. All at a low monthly per-device cost.

Need an IT company who’s got your back and knows your IT infrastructure inside out?

Benefit from our automation, monitoring, and support software at a low monthly cost. Then pay for support only when you need it, at a discounted per hour price.

Security and Protection

Security and protection

We take expert care of your IT systems, infrastructure and assets

Automated Monitoring

Automated monitoring

Allowing for identification of issues before you encounter them

Technical expertise

Technical expertise

We’ll apply our tools and product range to prevent the need for IT support

Price per hour

Pay-per-hour Support

Discounted cost for ad-hoc support, emergencies and project assistance

We’ll take expert care of your IT systems, infrastructure and assets

We’ll use the tools we’ve developed and discovered in our 10+ years delivering unlimited IT support service and apply them to your business. Meaning you benefit from our tools, product range, and business know how for a low monthly cost. You also benefit from our expert technical team at a discounted per-hour cost as and when you need ad-hoc support.

Forget the nightmare of software licences, audits, monitoring tools, user accounts and get to work on increasing productivity and profitability.

“Hero IT Support aren’t your typical robotic support company, they are pro-active partners and get the job done in the most effective and efficient way.”

Omar Mohamed – Director at Work the World

Discounted pay-per-hour support

Automation only will benefit those whose day to day support ticket requirements are low – and if you only really need cover in case of emergencies, ad hoc staff cover, sickness cover and project support.

Best of all, when you need support, you’re already fully set up in the Hero IT Support ticketing system and we know the technology your business revolves around. Meaning rapid response, immediate remote connection in to your machines, quick resolutions and ideally no problem ever happening twice.

Our business improvement agent runs in the background on your device can alert us to issues even before you are aware of them. Meaning we can fix the problem before you even have to submit a ticket. Safeguarding you in the background, keeping your staff focused on doing their job and your business moving forward.

Sometimes it’s easier to talk

Arrange a callback from one of our engineers who can help you decide if this product is right for your business.

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Together we grow businesses

We thrive on the relationships we have with our customers. Together we grow businesses through the right technology. And we’re constantly adding to our suite of tools meaning although we can fix your IT issues rapidly, we often won’t need to because you won’t encounter the problems in the first place. No time wasted on IT problems = empowering your employees to do more, go faster and maximise your business efficiencies.

Productivity, future-proofing and protection – all at a low monthly cost. Get in touch today.