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PAT Testing: Business Electricity Compliance

What is PAT testing? Every business needs to meet Electricity at Work Regulations, and our IT services are here to help you meet those requirements. We understand that you do not want to go to multiple IT companies for your technical requirements, so let us help make sure your business complies with the Electricity at Work regulations.

Fully qualified PAT testing engineers will test all your electrical devices and appliance to ensure any unsafe equipment is disposed of correctly.

Regular inspection and PAT testing of all electrical equipment in the workplace are a legal requirement to ensure the safety of your staff.

What are the steps?


Step 1 Eligibility

Audit of devices to ensure compliance and to not pay for unnecessary work


Step 2 Visual Health Check

Before PAT testing, a visual health check is carried out to identify damaged equipment/cabling. Unsafe hardware is disposed of in a safe manner


Step 3 PAT Standards

Equipment which passes steps 1 and 2 are then PAT tested. This includes earth continuity, polarity checks and voltage leaks


Step 4 Certification

Each device is either certified as passed or failed by a PAT tester. Failed equipment is arranged for being removed and disposed, safe equipment certified and scheduled for future check.


PAT Testing Experts

We have been around for 15 years…

The IT industry has evolved, we have had to keep up with the changes required to continue to provide excellent managed IT services.

We have gotten the T-shirt in PAT testing, so let us use our knowledge to make sure that your business is looked after with the best business IT support possible, whether unlimited IT support or Pay As You Go.

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6 Reasons You Need Hero IT Support

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Our support team is dedicated to make sure we provide friendly and accurate support to your team.

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Keeping up with the latest technology is important but only if it provides value to your business. We keep up with the latest trends and will only make suggestions if it matches your business requirements.

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