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Managed File Sync

Business-grade cloud storage solutions – IT Support for Structural Engineering companies

Overview of the company

This customer is a dynamic Structural and Civil Engineering consultancy company. Collaboration is key to their successful management of clients, architects, developers, contractors and fellow professionals. Providing a hands-on and personal approach, they undertake commissions throughout the UK and internationally. Clients include Balfour Beatty Ltd, The Victoria and Albert Museum and Guys Hospital. Read below how we provide proactive IT Support for Structural Engineering companies like this one.


The Challenges

This customer was created as a merger of two businesses, both using disparate systems and filing procedures. As engineers, they had a requirement to share and sync large data files and they were previously using a consumer-grade product as a workaround. Multiple versions of large CAD files were being edited and shared by engineers out on site, with limited audit trail and a lack of control over sync/backup times. They needed a secure, robust and reliable business-grade solution. This is where our previous experience in IT Support for Structural Engineering companies could benefit this customer and help them remain productive and utilise new technologies.


The Solution

We analysed and audited the exiting set up, planned the solution and completed the implementation. This included migration to Microsoft Office 365, installation of VoIP and Integration of File Sharing to streamline processes across the entire organisation. Managed File Sync syncs corporate data to the cloud, allowing access and sharing of files and folders from servers, computers and mobile devices. It is quick to deploy, secure and inexpensive to run. Security features enable safe collaboration with others, with user options to control access and set policies. Administrators maintain security, control and data privacy with a multi-tenant dashboard and rich reporting.


Flexible, remote working

Anywhere, anytime access means more remote working, allowing for reduced costs.  On-site engineers are now able use their own device, minimising hardware costs

Increased productivity

Productivity is increased with real time sync and continuous backups, meaning less necessity to ‘write up’ when back in head office and no data loss

Secure, reliable, safe

Military grade security allows for increased trust and assurance to clients.  Collision support means files are never overwritten

Supporting Testimonial

“Outsourcing our IT Support to Hero IT Support has freed up time for our in-house IT Manager to work on our clients and for our operations managers to concentrate on our core business. Managed IT Support means we’re covered by Hero IT Support’s fast, reactive and proactive support service. It also means that we are always one step ahead of others with new business technology developments. Hero IT Support are early adopters of technologies that streamline or automate business processes and they apply these technologies to their own business and to those of their clients. Partnering with Hero IT Support has meant improvements in our productivity, money saving and protection from disasters that could cause data loss and unexpected bills. One such new technology they recommended was Managed File Sync. We were previously using Dropbox but had a lot of large, highly sensitive files and needed a business-grade solution. They were already aware of, and using such a service and provided a demo of their Managed File Sync software. This allowed us to have file replication from the cloud server and our internal server; this meant we could access/modify files internally and externally and all users had the same version of files. Our engineers can now access and sync files from anywhere, creating a truly mobile workforce. Hero IT Support regularly monitor our workstations and sort out problems before they interrupt our services. They have always been proactive in reducing IT costs, keeping us updated with suitable new technologies and trends and providing exceptional customer services. I cannot recommend them highly enough to any business.”

Ben Saunders

IT Manager, Structural Engineering Company

"Always proactive in reducing IT cost, and providing exceptional customer services"

"We cannot recommend them highly enough as a business"

"Hero IT Support are early adopters of technologies... so we are always one step ahead of others"

6 Reasons You Need Hero IT Support

1. The Right Fit

We understand each business is different, this is why we take time to understand your business and requirements.

2. Dedicated Team

Our support team is dedicated to make sure we provide friendly and accurate support to your team.

3. On Your Side

It is about making sure that you are able to provide the service you desire to your clients, we are here to make sure that happens.


4. Digital Transformation

Keeping up with the latest technology is important but only if it provides value to your business. We keep up with the latest trends and will only make suggestions if it matches your business requirements.

5. Financial

Our fixed pricing model means that our clients are able to forecast and budget accordingly.

6. We are all Human

We are all human beings and we will always treat everyone with respect, our team enjoys coming into work and that helps with communication to our clients.