Speaking with business leaders at the Sussex Chamber of Commerce’s Cyber Crime event has revealed again just how much frustration businesses have with Cyber Crime. With most businesses believing there is little point in reporting most Cyber Crime, clearly prevention is better than cure. Could an Email Spam/Virus Filters be cost effective for your business?

In this blog post I’ll briefly go through where Spam/Virus Filters offer protection, where they don’t, and when your business should consider investing in one.

Centralised Email Spam/Virus Filters

This solution is deployed in front of your business email solution. It removes spam and viruses before they reach your employee’s mailboxes, so that they can’t be clicked on in the first place.

Protects you if…

  • If your sent a virus it recognises then it will remove the infected attachment and quarantine the message.
  • If your sent a banned file type (that could contain a hidden virus) it will remove the message and make a decision whether to quarantine the message.
  • If your sent spam it will quarantine the spam.

Doesn’t protect you if…

  • If your sent a Phishing email that doesn’t contain a virus itself, but contains links to fake websites which ask you to enter security information.

Consider when…

  • When your staff’s productivity is effected by the level of incoming spam. We price our spam filter on a ‘price per protected mailbox’ basis, so this can be cost effective straight away.
  • When your staff’s morale is being effected by the offensive nature of the spam being received. Happy staff are productive staff, so this is both nice and cost effective.
  • When due to the size or nature of your business just one virus infection, which could encrypt files on network drives used by many employees would cause significant financial and/or reputational loss.