File Sharing

Your Data, Whenever You Need It

Cloud File Sharing Platforms allow your company to be able to access your information on any device, at any time and wherever in the world.

The solution focuses on Cyber Security best practices and compliance with GDPR to make sure that your business data is as secure as possible. Cost of losing or mishandling data can be huge, making sure you have a platform where your IT partner can manage and make changes remotely is important.

When looking at business requirements we want to provide a service which is dedicated to businesses and the added functionality/security required when managing increased numbers.

Cloud File Sharing Platforms you may know:

Google Drive

What is a Cloud File Sharing Platform?

  • Automatically uploads to the cloud when changes are made
  • Access, share and collaborate files with colleagues
  • Previous versions of the files are saved for those oops moments
  • Full control over who has access to which files and group policies
  • Extends storage capabilities
  • Organisation of files and folders

Why Choose Our Solution?

User friendly interface

Easy to use so you can find the information you need when and wherever you are located

Offline access

Downloads locally onto your device so if you do not have connectivity, you have your required documents

Secure file sharing

Securely sharing documents to colleagues and even customers are covered with the encrypted service

Collaboration tools to use with your colleagues

Built in tools to allow you to make working with your colleagues easier

Notifications for when changes are made to files

Want to know when a colleague edits your documents, we have that covered

Mobile app with cross platform support

Don’t need to bring a laptop or PC for you to have access

Internal security using policies and security for permissions

Make sure only members of your team has access to what they require, granular controls

Reporting from a central dashboard

Managing the different departments and locations easy from one dashboard

Military Grade – Security compliant with standards SSAE 16 Type 2 and SOC

Compliance is a priority for all businesses including us

Your Data is Your Business

Whether you realise it or not, your data is your business!
It’s the story of your customers, who they are, how much they spend, what they buy.

It’s your future pipeline and where you’ll be getting your business tomorrow.
It’s the day-to-day tools that you use to work, from accounts, marketing, HR
the list goes on and in short it’s everyone.

Imagine trying to sell your business without any of this information.
What would the value be?
Protecting and backing up for data has never been more important.

Unsure if you’re ‘properly’ backing up your data?
Unsure if you have a ‘proper’ disaster recovery plan?
We can help save the day!