Website Monitoring

Available for free

The Threat

Typical small and medium businesses often don't have the resources to constantly monitor their websites for new vulnerabilities. Hackers know this, and business websites are increasingly being targeted by malware, viruses and ransom-ware.

Websites can be very expensive to replace, and SEO can be permanently lost - costing your business far more in the long term. As a vital part of your business infrastructure, and a reputation risk, it's important your website stays online and under your control.

Fortunately we have a free website monitoring solution for your business...

Malware Detection

Your website scanned daily for malware such as viruses or 'black hat SEO' that steals 'page rank' from your website. Infected websites are de-ranked by search engines costing you business.

Known Vulnerability Scan

Outdated or badly written website code and plugins often have known vulnerabilities that hacks exploit to gain control of your website. Malicious viruses or malware installed on your website can be used to infect your customers and encrypted your website to ransom your business.

Our scan reveals known vulnerabilities so the code can be patch or updated to keep your investment in your website safe.

Downtime Detection

Downtime can hurt sales, waste advertising, and de-ranks your website in organic search engine results. We constantly monitor your websites and alert you to downtime as it happens and with a monthly report.

Plugin Update Detection

Outdated plugins are a security threat. We monitor for avaialble updates so your website remains secure and can take advantage of the latest bug fixes and features in newer plugins.

Free Website Monitoring

This product is available as both a free and paid for solution. The paid for solution costs £40 per month.

To qualify for the free solution the only thing you have to do is agree for us (or your webs team) to place a small discrete link (normally in the footer) on your website saying "Website monitored by Hero IT Support".