Unhappy with your current IT provider?

The solution is Unlimited IT Support

Ask us about out IT Contract Buyout

Stuck in a contract you want to leave?

We can help you leave by offering to buying out your current IT contract. We believe that technology has a strong impact on business growth. Your IT Support provider should be nothing less than excellent in customer service, labour and help your business succeed. If your IT provider is not currently helping you thrive, or you are continuously experiencing ongoing issues, it may be time to change. However, we understand most IT providers run contracts which may tie your business in, which is why we are offering to buy out your contract. We want to provide you with the IT services you are missing out on. We want to be your business technology partners.

Easy as 1 2 3…

1. We review your current contract

As soon as you contact us, we will review your current contract. Then together, we can discuss your business needs and how your current provider is letting you down.

2. We present you with a new Unlimited contract

After getting a real understanding of your business and what you need from us, we compile an Unlimited IT Support contract.

3. Once you are happy, we can begin the process of taking over your IT

After reading the contract and you are happy, we can begin providing our solutions and implementing new technologies to move your business forward.

Change Your IT Provider Today

“With the Hero IT Support team, you aren’t just getting IT Support. You are getting a friendly, passionate team of people with your business’ best interests at the forefront of their decisions and solutions. With those solutions being bespoke to the running of our business.” Carly Pain

Manager, Accountancy Firm

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