Leased Lines

The Fastest Uncontested Speed

Connectivity is crucial for every business, but if reduced speed and downtime is not acceptable then we have dedicated lines for the business.

Leased lines should be seen as a key IT service requirements for businesses as it will allow a dedicated fibre line to the premises which is not shared by any other business unlike business fibre. Small business IT support with the addition of a leased line will definitely improve the productivity and performance of your company.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

Leased lines guarantee speed throughout the contract

Service Level Agreement

Special SLA’s to make sure downtime is minimal


Upload equals the download speed with a leased line, allowing for fast speeds when file sharing and moving data to other locations.

Disaster Recovery

Backup lines implemented for in the event of a fault so you can keep working

Issues with Broadband Solutions

If you’re using Broadband, here’s the issues compared to a leased line:

  • You are sharing your connection with other businesses (Usually between 8 – 20)
  • Slow SLA’s as Broadband can take up to 5 working days to fix the fault
  • Download speed can be over 4 x the speed of upload
  • Best effort service, no guarantee for speed

Why Use a Leased Line?

  • Pick speeds up to 10Gbps
  • Guaranteed Speed
  • Upload is the same as download
  • SLA of up to 6 hours

We install hardware to cope with additional speeds so if in the future you require to increase then all the hardware is already in place.