Internet Security is a Priority

We want to make sure that your business is as protected as possible from cyber attacks, and as a small business IT support company Managed Anti-Virus is one part of our layered approach.

Managed Remotely

Controlled remotely from our central console to keep you secure

Monthly Payment

No Year upfront cost and only grows when your business increases

Threats Managed Remotely

Monitor, track and detect issues behind the scenes so your work is not disrupted.

Configured for your Business

Each IT services customer is setup specifically to their business requirements

Why Pay for Anti-Virus?

The free versions provide basic internet security as they are there to entice you into purchasing the paid for versions which comes with more online security features and kept up-to-date to prevent the latest threats.

  • Stop sophisticated Cyber attacks
  • Online security & offline security
  • Auto-remediation
  • Low system overheads
  • Malware detection, prevention & protections
  • Fully Automated

Benefits of Managed Anti-virus from Hero IT Support

Device deployment to all devices automatically

Automated deployment of the anti-virus means you can rest assured that each device will have the software deployed for maximum internet security.

Central management by experts

Our IT support services are on hand to manage your anti-virus software from a central dashboard meaning that we can easily make sure your business is secured.

Low cost monthly payments

No full year upfront cost, pay each month per device and it will scale up or down with your business.

No access by local users

Restrictions in place so that the Anti-virus software cannot be uninstalled or changed, this mitigates any user errors.