Online Backup

Online Backup

What’s your downtime worth to your business?


We hope you’ll never need your backup 

But if you do, we’ll get you back on your feet in no time.

Hero IT Support’s backup includes both local and online backup to our managed locations for best recovery and business continuity and includes all labour costs for disaster recovery.

Minimise downtime

Minimise downtime

Service loss affects productivity and profitability. We’ll keep your business moving
Cost effective

Cost effective and quick

We can restore your IT operations in minutes and carry out regular ‘dry runs’ to time restoration
Fully automated

Fully automated

Non-completion or corruption of backups trigger alerts and quick action, 24/7
Fully encrypted

Secure and fully encrypted

We store your backups securely in-house, not in a data centre. Fully responsible for and responsive to your backups, 24/7
Disaster Recovery

IT disaster? What disaster?

No system is disaster-proof and data corruption, malware and hardware failures can strike your business at any time. Ensuring there is a disaster recovery & backup plan in place is something that we couldn’t recommend more.

The business hours, productivity and profitability we have saved some of our clients through a well-managed, automated online backup system is invaluable.

Through our online backup and disaster recovery service you can guarantee business continuity to help reduce the risk of unpredicted data loss and downtime in the event of fire, theft or malware attacks.


Always listening, always ready

Our fully online backup service is fully managed and monitored. Which means not only are we automatically alerted in case of non-completion/corruption, but that we check it manually too.

The buck stops with us. We store your critical data ourselves rather than in a data centre because we can fully control your recovery, instantly.  And we are fully responsible of restoring your data as quickly and efficiently as we can.

We will carry out regular ‘dry runs’ with your data to ascertain recovery times and test our processes.

Encryption is an essential park of our backups, especially with the advent of GDPR in May 2018. We encrypt your data at the offset, in transit and when it reaches our server. Meaning you can rest assured your data is secure and your business is compliant.

Is managed backup for you?

Arrange a callback from one of our engineers who can help you decide if this product is right for your business.

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Together we grow businesses

We thrive on the relationships we have with our customers. Together we grow businesses through the right technology. And we’re constantly adding to our suite of tools meaning although we can fix your IT issues rapidly, we often won’t need to because you won’t encounter the problems in the first place. No time wasted on IT support issues = empowering your employees to do more, go faster and maximise your business efficiencies.

Productivity, future-proofing and protection – all at a low monthly cost. Get in touch today.