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Hero IT Support now offers a straightforward, comprehensive and cost-effective solution to ensure your business complies with appropriate Electricity at Work regulations. A fully qualified PAT testing engineer will test all your electrical devices and appliances then ensure any unsafe equipment is disposed of correctly.

Regular inspection and testing of all electrical equipment in all work situations is a statutory requirement to ensure safety in the workplace and our technicians are fully trained to assess, test and report on your electrical appliances.

Four steps to ensure the health and safety of your business

Step 1: Eligibility check

Not all equipment requires PAT testing. Depending on the age of the equipment and when it was last PAT tested, it may not require another test until a later date. Our technicians check every appliance or piece of equipment requiring mains electricity to determine whether this is necessary.

Step 2: Visual health check

Before testing the equipment, a visual health check is carried out. Any physically damaged equipment, such as cables with exposed wiring, is declared unsafe and disposed of safely. The insulation of the current-carrying section of the cable is checked along with any exposed metal that could pose a risk.

Step 3: PAT standards

The PAT testing is then carried out. This includes earth continuity, polarity checks and any voltage leakage. This testing applies to every piece of equipment that passes the first two steps (Previous PAT test is out of date and is visually safe.)

Step 4: Certification

After checking everything, the item is then certified as passed or failed. Any unsafe equipment is disposed of safely. Equipment that has passed is certified and a retest is scheduled for the future to ensure your business remains on top of this.

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