3 Things that that could put you at risk from Phishing

  1. Opening attachments or clicking on links within emails that are unsolicited or unexpected
  2. Responding to emails that are requesting your personal, financial information and passwords
  3. Logging into a webpage that you have reached through a link in an email

How to protect your business

  •  Wait a minute. Don’t open attachments or click on links within any unsolicited emails. Never respond to emails that ask for your personal or financial details. Remember that fraudsters can create websites that look similar to the real supplier or banks website to capture your login information.
  • Emails can be spoofed. An email address can be made to appear to be from a person or company you know. If the message is unsolicited, unexpected or unusual contact the ender directly via another method to confirm that they are the true originator of the email.
  • Review your systems, ensure you have up to date anti-virus, patch updates.
  • Implement systems and processes for dealing with any unusual emails. Whether it’s getting your IT support provider to check, getting spam filter, new policy for authorising new payees, or logging in directly a known website url instead of clicking links.
  • Tell everyone. Share these tip with your colleagues, friends and family to help keep them safe.


Want to protect your business from the dangers online, such as phishing, that could severely damage your business? Consider Anti-Virus as a part of your IT Support package.
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