Premium Audit

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What is the Premium Audit?

At Hero IT Support, we take pride in optimising IT for businesses, to ensure maximum efficiency, productivity and minimum downtime. Knowledge is key to making the right decisions that will lead a company to success, growth and profit. The Premium Audit is the first action that takes place when you sign up to our Unlimited Support and provides us with that desired knowledge so we can empower your business to thrive.

This Audit removes the everyday obstacles preventing your business from growing. Sign up for Unlimited IT Support today. It might just be the single biggest improvement you can make to your business today. Let us help you by becoming your technology partners.

“It’s refreshing to see a company that makes decisions and recommendations not as a separate company, but as our true technology partner.” Susan Kennedy

Director , Interalia Services Ltd

The processs your business could benefit from

Network Audit

  • Check the speed and processing capacity of network hardware including firewalls, switches and WiFi access points
  • Check network topology looking for bandwidth bottlenecks or potential points of failure
  • Check security on network infrastructure including default passwords, pre-shared keys
  • Check WiFi range and security including encryption keys (passwords), encryption technology, wireless protocol and dead spots
  • Visual health check of cables and network points

Device Audit

  • Automatically generated tickets for detected common problems
  • Report on computer hardware, allowing your business to predict the need to replace computers when they age, no longer have warranty, or become unsupported and insecure
  • Report on computer utilisation, allowing you to see which computers are being stretched the most by their users and may need replacing
  • Report on software installed, allowing your business to monitor for banned software and recover licences of common software already installed

Anti- Virus

  • Monitor all machines for active anti-virus software
  • Check ‘on access scan’ is active and requires administrative privileges to disable
  • Auto-push anti-virus to any machine found without protection (when your business enrolls on to our Managed Anti-Virus solution)

Warranty Audits

  • Server warranty checks
  • Laptop/desktop warranty checks
  • Purchase of replacement warranties and extensions
  • Monitoring of warranties so they can be budgeted for and extended before they expire

Backup and Recovery

  • Audit of current backups to check which business critical systems have protection
  • Check backup storage and encryption
  • Review of retention levels/versions and recovery points for data
  • Test backup recovery to ensure data is not corrupted and recovery is possible, then review recovery times to ensure business continuity
  • Check the potential benefit from an additional connection to boost speed and prevent/ reduce downtime. Provide a costed option upon request


  • Audit of broadband connections and centralisation of all information such as usernames, passwords, IP addresses and hardware
  • Ensure suitable replacement hardware is in stock at Hero IT Support
  • Check speed of all current connections is optimal and not overloaded
  • Check for alternative connectivity options from different providers including fibre and mobile. If required check alternative broadband sources such as radio and satellite

Cloud and Office 365

  • Check licensing levels are appropriate and cost effectively purchased
  • Check appropriate backup options are in place
  • Check appropriate connectivity redundancy is in place for any business-critical applications


  • Check uptime/downtime
  • Check for updates to plugins, themes, or CMS
  • Check for scheduled backups
  • Check domain ownership
  • Check domain auto renewals

Print Management

  • Anonymously check print volume (not content) over 1-3 months to gather meaningful data to project yearly print costs
  • Upon request produce a cost effective alternative option to save print costs or improve performance/security

VoIP Management

  • Price Audit, call and line spend comparison
  • Utilisation Audit, lines and minutes
  • Feature Audit, what are you using and what could help the most
  • Integration Audit, is integration currently supported and are there any alternatives