Time is money, right? Implement these ten tech processes in your business and you’ll be amazed by how much free time you have to innovate and grow your business in 2018.


1. Make security a priority. Make lost passwords a thing of the past. Use an online password manager (we love lastpass.com) across your organisation to save, share and encrypt passwords. Use the Chrome extension and you don’t even have to use the dashboard interface.


2. Automate, automate, automate. Humans are pretty special but it’s 2018 and there are some jobs that can be done effectively by a computer, removing the need for human intervention/error. We recommend:

  • activecampaign.com for marketing automation (i.e. send a welcome email to every new subscriber, a follow up based on behaviour, automatically segment via sign up form – you get the picture).
  • Hootsuite for social media posts. Stream all your profiles, schedule campaigns – why log into 5 sites when you could log into one?
  • Xero.com – accounting/invoicing. This is surely one of the most onerous, time-devouring, frustrating tasks especially at year end. Stay on top of it by automating invoicing, reconciliation, payroll, expenses. Trust us – do it today


3. BYOD. Hardware costs are huge. Yet chances are, most of your employees have the latest laptop/smart phone. So harness the power of their tech, using products that transform their screen into their work screen. Use Microsoft 365 with portaloffice.com, and use a business-grade, cloud based file sharing system like Managed File Sync to do away with internal drives. Managed File Sync is great value and easy to set up – read all about it here.


4. Protect yourself with a robust, resilient anti-virus defence. Malware is getting ever-more sophisticated and GDPR means that any data leaks are serious. Serious in terms of your company’s reputation and in terms of fines (20million Euros or 4% of annual global turnover). Get your antivirus sorted today, regardless of how big or small your organisation, and let your mind be at peace from data hackers/virus.


5. Outsource your IT. Seriously. This will save you time and it will save you money. Each time you have an IT issue (new starter/broadband outage/password reset/mailbox setup/printer issue), pick up the phone rather than spend (at least) half an hour trying to fix it. Repeat after me…you do not need IT issues in your life in 2018. Outsource it today.


6. Enhance your Google presence. Your website is worth investing in, especially given the uncertainties around social media business presences and costs. We use Yoast both for SEO advice and industry news, and for their WordPress plugin (which makes it easier to achieve high rankings if you are doing it in-house). High rankings = loads of visitors = loads of new business = loads of profits!


7. On that note, if you’re putting lots of effort into your website, make sure it’s robust and being looked after. Use a website monitoring service to predict and resolve issues, perform automatic upgrades, detect any malware/virus attacks and report back to you. We offer one as part of your IT support package.


8. Turn your email signatures into marketing messages. Check out this nifty tool – managed disclaimer – which attaches a marketing message to every email your organisation sends, as well as standardising all your employees’ email signatures and all the legal info and disclaimer (to protect you in the event of a virus attack)


9.Use a project management systemBasecamp is a great place to get started. Each of your team can access their schedules, client docs, calendars and share updates in one place.


10. Be GDPR compliant. If there is one thing you need to get right in 2018, it’s GDPR. There are lots of ways technology can help you to achieve this. In fact technology is so integral to your success at achieving compliance that we’ve created a website full of advice, tips, and guidance. Take the ‘Are you ready for GDPR’ quiz today. Granted, this one won’t necessarily improve your profits, but prevention is better than cure as they say, and a whopping great fine isn’t the way you want to remember 2018.

There ten things you can do this week to improve your profits and efficiency. Invest in tech in 2018 – it’s money well spent and will make you money in the long run.

Caveat – we are not affiliated to, or ambassadors for any of the third party products we mention in this article. We are users, and we recommend them because they’re pretty damn awesome!

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