Unlimited IT Support

Trust, Security, Reliability, protection. The most comprehensive package, all at a low monthly per-device cost.
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Need an IT company who’s got your back

and knows your IT infrastructure inside out?

We think of our unlimited IT support clients as our business technology partners. So much more than an IT helpdesk, we brainstorm, source, test and recommend new products and methodologies for you, often before you know you need them. Furthermore we roll them out under our alignment programme to ensure our clients are at the forefront of their technological game. Let us show you how.
Fixed price

Fixed monthly cost

You pay per device/network meaning no unforeseen costs if things go wrong
24/7 Support

Support from highly skilled engineers

We invest in hiring and training the best engineers, there whenever you need them
Future technology

Future-proofing your business

We specialise in foresight and prevention meaning less of a need to repair and resolve
Software and licencing

Software and licencing included

Unlimited IT Support fee includes all enterprise level software for automation & management

We’ll take expert care of your IT systems, infrastructure and assets

We’ll use the tools we’ve developed and discovered in our 10+ years delivering unlimited IT support service and apply them to your business. Meaning you benefit from our tools, product range, and business know how for a low monthly cost. You also benefit from unlimited support from our expert technical team.

Forget the nightmare of software licences, audits, monitoring tools, user accounts and get to work on increasing productivity and profitability.

With unlimited IT support you’re already fully set up in the Hero IT Support ticketing system. So we know the technology your business revolves around. Meaning rapid response, immediate remote connection in to your machines, quick resolutions and ideally no problem ever happening twice.

Our business improvement agent runs in the background on your device can alert us to issues even before you are aware of them. Meaning we can fix the problem before you even have to submit a ticket. Safeguarding you in the background, keeping your staff focused on doing their job and your business moving forward.

“Following the alignment process improves our productivity, saves money, and protects us from disasters that could cause data loss and unexpected bills.

It’s refreshing to see a company that makes decisions and recommendations not as a separate company, but as our true technology partner”


Susan Kennedy – Interalia Services Ltd

Our Process, your progress

We have built up a unique IT alignment process over 10+ years as an unlimited business IT support provider. We know how to take the errant systems and place them under exact control.

  • Your business benefits from 10+ years experience of fixing IT problems. Plus the knowledge gained from resolving thousands of technological issues
  • You have access to a library of policies and procedures that help your business run more efficiently and effectively. We have created this as a premium complimentary package for our valued customers
  • Every IT issue we resolve is fed into the alignment respository so we can fix it faster in the future, or prevent it from happening altogether
  • Alignment is process based and results based to document all lessons learned and use them to be faster, more efficient, labour-saving, cost-effective for you