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VoIP Phone Systems For Your Office

VoIP uses your already existing network infrastructure to make and receive calls using the internet connection. The benefits of doing this will be cheaper call rates and additional functionality including voice recordings, mobile app, professional recordings and minimal capital expense.

We provide business IT solutions in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Brighton to companies who want to use VoIP because of the benefits over the old analogue line

Reliable, affordable, easy-to-use


Managed VoIP

Cost Effective, Easy to Use and Reliable Business Telephone Solution 

Cost-Effective-1 (1)

Cost Savings

Compared to other solutions, VoIP phone systems provides cheaper call rates and bundles



Management of multiple sites from one central source 



Making sure your business can make and receive calls from customers 



Suitable solutions from 1 – 500 + businesses 

Why Choose our Solution?

  • Monthly Cost

    We offer a simple VoIP phone system monthly payment option per user which comes with a handset and installation

  • Flexible

    Our VoIP solution only requires a business grade connectivity solution, making office and remote working easy

  • Secure

    Fully compliant with the latest standards, encrypted and secured through a firewall

  • Reliable

    Our solution is more reliable than traditional PBX systems due to minimal requirements and connectivity availability


    CRM and mobile phones are just one way we can integrate the VoIP phone system to increase your productivity and customer satisfaction

  • Disaster Recovery

    Built in resilience and backup solutions to make sure you never miss a call again 

  • Pay for What you Need

    Don’t pay for additional features which you may never use, our tiered service solution means that you will not pay for additional services outside of your requirements 

  • Future Proof

    We will keep you up to date behind the scenes making sure you do not need to purchase expensive hardware every few years

Dialing on VoIP phone system

Telephony for Today

Our VoIP phone system is ideal for customers on the Unlimited IT Support option, as all the support is included within one cost effective price. 

This saves you money for paying for every support request and minimises business IT support requests because we are already familiar with your system.

Our VoIP solution includes being able to remotely monitor and rectify issues without it affecting you. 

Communication is a key part to running a business which is why you need to make sure that you are partnering with a company providing IT services that puts their customers first.

6 Reasons You Need Hero IT Support

1. The Right Fit

We understand each business is different, this is why we take time to understand your business and requirements.

2. Dedicated Team

Our support team is dedicated to make sure we provide friendly and accurate support to your team.

3. On Your Side

It is about making sure that you are able to provide the service you desire to your clients, we are here to make sure that happens.


4. Digital Transformation

Keeping up with the latest technology is important but only if it provides value to your business. We keep up with the latest trends and will only make suggestions if it matches your business requirements.

5. Financial

Our fixed pricing model means that our clients are able to forecast and budget accordingly.

6. We are all Human

We are all human beings and we will always treat everyone with respect, our team enjoys coming into work and that helps with communication to our clients.