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Conformity Throughout all Email Signatures

Ensure brand conformity, professionalism and legal compliance with the hosted signatures service


Secure and Certified

Certified by ISO 27001 and managed by Microsoft’s Azure platform


Leveraged for Marketing

Use email as a tool for rolling out marketing messages & campaigns


Enhanced Branding

Consistency of brand, logo and an impressive marketing campaign tool


Professional Consistency

Organisational coherence and professional edge

Increase Your Marketing

Fully customisable hosted email signature tool, you can showcase your current special offers and solutions on every signature within the company.

Direct links to your social media  adds credibility and will help drive traffic to your respective sites increasing brand awareness.

Every link within the signature can be tracked from our portal, allowing your to see how much additional traffic has come through and where potential customers have clicked.

The price is set per workstation each month which means you can pay for what you use and will scale with you.


Why Choose Hosted Signatures?

Enhanced Branding

  • Customise your email signatures and bring a consistent level of professionalism pushing your brand image.
  • Managed Disclaimer is flexible and practically has no limits.
  • We can create anything you need on your signature and design it exactly how you like it.

Fully Controlled Signatures

  • All the information for each email signature is centrally controlled meaning any changes to the signatures can be applied to all signatures or specific ones depending on what your company desires. This could vary for departments and locations within your company.
  • Managed Disclaimer also allows us to optimise your signatures for all devices such as a desktop and mobile, even including Mac.

Ensured Legal Compliance

  • All the legal information you need to add to an email signature is managed through this tool, including email disclaimers.
  • Having a centrally controlled tool ensures your staff have the correct information on their signatures such as job title and contact information.

Cost Effective

  • The price is set per workstation, per month, meaning you only pay for what you use. This product scales with you making it cost effective for any business.

Signature Design Examples

6 Reasons You Need Hero IT Support

1. The Right Fit

We understand each business is different, this is why we take time to understand your business and requirements.

2. Dedicated Team

Our support team is dedicated to make sure we provide friendly and accurate support to your team.

3. On Your Side

It is about making sure that you are able to provide the service you desire to your clients, we are here to make sure that happens.


4. Digital Transformation

Keeping up with the latest technology is important but only if it provides value to your business. We keep up with the latest trends and will only make suggestions if it matches your business requirements.

5. Financial

Our fixed pricing model means that our clients are able to forecast and budget accordingly.

6. We are all Human

We are all human beings and we will always treat everyone with respect, our team enjoys coming into work and that helps with communication to our clients.