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Let’s face it, IT Support systems are essential to your business. Keeping up with technology is essential to your business growth. Backups and encryptions are essential to your security and reputation.

Knowledge is profit. As a business leader, being correctly and thoroughly informed about IT is key to making the right choices to maximise profitability, growth and ultimately profit.

Friendly Support

Relationships are everything. Our expert engineers are warm, friendly and interested in your business.

Tech Experts

We’re passionate about technology. We’re innovators, early adopters and sharers. As you’ve got enough to do.

Shared Objectives

We believe in business efficiency – both your business and ours. So we get things right first time.

Maximum Performance

Only with precise methods, a clear audit trail and agile processes do we ensure maximum performance

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So much more than IT Support

We are a technology company who speaks the language of business efficiencies, not technological jargon.  You can leave the tech to us and get on with growing your business, meaning we not only save you money but help you to be more profitable.

Unlimited IT Support

Fully Managed IT support for a fixed monthly cost

Pay Per Hour Support

No contracts. Pay for the hours that you need, no more.

Website Monitoring

Keep your most valuable digital asset secure

Managed Anti-Virus

Security and protection – guaranteed


A complete telephone system for today’s agile business


Fully automated, secure and encrypted – your data is our priority


Project support/ management from strategy to implementation

Managed Disclaimer

The solution to your legally compliant email signatures

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VoIP Phones: Empower Your Business

What are VoIP Phones? 'Voice over Internet Protocol’ phones are digital and rely on the internet. VoIP phones are geared for businesses with efficient capabilities for employees. Businesses use VoIP as it provides more features that standard phones. Some of these...
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Top Ten Google April Fool’s Day Pranks

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Business Tools

Our Top Three Business Tools

Virtual Business Tools   As an IT company, we make sure that our technicians are always equipped with the right business tools to help our customers when on site. Each one of our technicians carry their own flight cases with the most vital tools to fix most...
Women in Technology STEM Event 2016

STEM and Women in Tech at Hero IT Support

At Hero IT Support, we don’t like stereotypes and believe it is important to provide both men and women equal opportunities when it comes to work roles and career progression. It is because of this that we are proud to have women in our technical, management, accounts...
Safe Internet Use in Business

How to Create an Advanced Search on Google

Use Advanced Search on Google to find exactly what you are looking for safely and securely: https://www.google.co.uk/advanced_search? To complete an Advanced search on Google, type what you are looking for as normal in the search bar. Then when the results page is...
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Cookies: Manage Your Cookies on Google Chrome

Download the Guides BelowFollow this guide to completely manage your cookies and cookie preferences on Google Chrome, giving you full control to complete actions such as deleting, setting preferences, allowing and blocking. Quick Overview A First-Party Cookie is...
How To Set Up Emergency Contact Information on a Mobile Device

How To Set Up Emergency Contact Information on a Mobile Device

If you or your child were to ever be in an emergency or an unresponsive state, those attempting to help can access the emergency contact information without needing to know the code to unlock the mobile phone. This way, all important medical information and emergency...
Internet Safety Tips for Parents 2019

Internet Safety Tips for Parents 2019

Download and follow this free guide to implement the latest internet safety tips for 2019 to ensure you and your children remain safe when using the internet. With so much cybercrime and so many more people taking advantage of the benefits the internet can bring....
How to Set Up a VPN on a Mobile Device

How to Set Up a VPN on a Mobile Device

WiFi on your mobile device whilst working can be risky. However, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) ensures that your online activity is safe from cybercriminals intercepting your activity through WiFi. To set up a VPN on your mobile follow the steps below, or...
How To Set Up a WiFi Hotspot

How To Set Up a WiFi Hotspot on Your Mobile Device

Many people are increasingly relying on WiFi Hotspots when working on the go. This however, does come with cybercrime risks. In order to protect your personal and business data, you need to use WiFi Hotspots securely. If you are unsure if a hotspot is safe, it's best...