Courier Scams

Courier Scams

Spot the signs of courier scams

Courier scams are mainly targeted towards individuals rather than businesses, however, it is still important to familiarise yourself with the scam, especially if you have a business card. This cybercrime involves the criminals coming straight to your door. A lot of personal and financial information is leaked through this crime and can put victims at serious risk. The cybercriminals cold call victims convincing them to divulge confidential information under the false idea that they can trust this person calling them. There are many variations, but they are all similar.
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How does it work?

The cybercriminal will pretend to be calling from either your bank or the police department. They will alert you that their system has found fraudulent activity with your account or your bank card is due to expire. The cybercriminals convince the victim they are genuine by telling them to call the legitimate number. So the victim does this, but the fraudster hasn’t hung up, so you are still on the phone to them. You are then asked to read out your PIN number or type it into the keypad. Further details and questions are asked which results in you revealing confidential information. Then you are informed that a courier will be collecting your card in order to replace it. Therefore, by this point you have given out your card details, name, address and phone number. This is just one example of the active courier scams around.

Take action

Thing to watch out for

  • Cold callers or calls you are not expecting
  • Being told your card is about to expire, when it is not
  • Being told there is fraudulent activity in your account, and you know this is not true as you regularly monitor your account
  • Being asked for your PIN and your address
  • Being told a courier will collect your card

Report it!

  • Call your bank immediately and inform them of the situation
  • Phone the police and inform them of what has happened
  • Phone us straight away on 0800 680 00 88 and report it to Action Fraud

Protect yourself and your business

  • Don’t ever give out personal details over the phone, no matter who you believe it to be
  • The police and your bank will never send a courier to your home, collect an expiring card or ask for your PIN
  • Call your bank on a known number to check if there has been any fraudulent activity. But make sure any previous calls have been ended before making this call
  • Investigate the possibility of dedicated IT support services
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