Cryptocurrency Investment Fraud

Cryptocurrency Investment Fraud

Cryptocurrency becoming increasingly popular meaning more risks…

Cryptocurrency is on the rise and so is are cybercrime scams relating to it. This is particularly important for businesses looking to invest in the cryptocurrency market. There is a particular cybercrime called cryptocurrency investment fraud. This is where businesses are persuaded into purchasing cryptocurrency and being pressurised by cybercriminals to invest again and again, but never seeing a return on the investment. As a company in IT services, we have some experience in assisting clients with protection methods, so let us share a few of those with you.


How does it work?

  • Firstly, the cybercriminals target their victims through cold calling via emails and social media, advertising ‘get rich quick’ schemes
  • These are usually investments into mining using cryptocurrency
  • The cybercriminals convince victims to sign up and invest in this scheme with the promise of huge results
  • The victim enters their personal details such as card information to sign up for this trading account
  • Once they have signed up, they are urged to submit a minimum deposit
  • After the deposit has been paid, the victim is persuaded to invest more and more money into the scheme
  • Once the victim has realised that something isn’t quite right, by the time they come to act upon this, usually the website has already been deactivated and the victim has no way of contacting the cybercriminals and is left with their personal details vulnerable and a loss of money

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Take Action


Things to watch out for

  • Schemes that claim you will make a lot of money
  • Investment schemes

Report it!

  • Call your bank immediately and inform them of any payments you have just made
  • Phone us straight away on 0800 680 00 88 and report it to Action Fraud



Protect yourself and your business

  • Don’t assume that the scheme is real. It can still be professional looking but not genuine. Cybercriminals use well-known brand names to trick victims into trusting them
  • If you are looking at an investment scheme, don’t be pushed or rushed into any investment. Genuine investment companies will never rush you or force you
  • Get advice before investing into anything
  • Avoid unwanted invitations for investments