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What is IT Support?

Business IT support is a service that provides assistance to a company with problems related to their technology infrastructure like computers, server and network devices. Companies provide IT Support using managed IT services to make sure that the companies support requirements are fulfilled in a similar manor to sourcing their own in-house IT support staff through using proactive software to manage and maintain but also include remote/onsite support by a qualified technician.

Does Hero IT Support service businesses?

Hero IT Support provides managed it services specifically to businesses, specialising in making sure that all business IT support requirements are fulfied which is a key part to why companies outsource to Hero IT Support.

Do I need to outsource my business’s IT requirements?

Businesses do not need to outsource their IT support but it does come with many benefits including a proactive team of trained support staff who use the latest technology to make sure your business can continue running operationally. Managing and maintaining internal departments could add on additional overheads and strain to the company when they can outsource to fully focus on providing the best service to their customers whilst the experts support them.

How much do I pay for a consultation with Hero?

The great part about Hero IT Support is that we love to talk about technology and how we can help businesses, meaning we do not charge for consultation. Our IT support and range of other solutions can be discussed in person or over a conference call so we can run you through the process about making sure you take the right services for your business.

Will Hero come out to my business if there is an issue?

Managed IT service Unlimited IT Support includes unlimited onsite support so you do not have to worry about additional call out fees if the issue is not able to be solved remotely. This helps your business know exactly how much you will be paying each month for Business IT Support without any hidden fees.

My broadband or leased lines have lost connectivity

Confirm if this is local to yourself or the entire office, if it is just one or two users then a restart of the local device can help or if it is the office confirm it is fine to restart the business broadband or leased line firewall and/or router. If after 5 – 10 minutes you still do not have internet access inform your IT department or outsourced IT company so that they can confirm it is a connectivity issue before they contact the ISP on your behalf.

My computer has frozen

If your computer has frozen, confirm that you are not able to control + alt + delete or move your curser to load up any software before holding down the power button to turn the computer off but becareful as this will not save any work which you had opened. Managed it providers provide support telephone lines so you can call an it technician to remotely check your machine to find out why your machine has frozen, proactive measures should be in place to find out machines which could cause potential issues and flag them for review.

Which areas does Hero IT Support service?

Areas of support cover the entire UK but we do have key areas for IT support including Brighton, West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

Does Hero IT Support offer a free trial?

Our service speaks for itself, check out our reviews on Google and Trustpilot but because we know it can be quite a big jump moving IT company we provide a 3 month cancel anytime trial with our Unlimited IT Support package.

What is managed online backup support?

Organising your backup strategy as a business is a critical part of making sure that you are compliant with goverment regulations but also making sure in worst case scenarios you can still access business critical data. Cloud storage is part of the managed online backup service which gives you peace of mind that your data is saved offsite and helps you conform with the indsutry best practice of 3 copies of the data, 2 different storage types and one copy offsite but we manage all of this for you, as a managed it service provider we request customers follow industry best practices.

What is a VoIP telephone system?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP which allows telephone calls to be made over the internet using a voip phone system, the way you use the phone is the same as the usual analogue phone systems that you would use at home but their are beenfits including a lower cost per minute and additional features. Our managed IT services provide customers with a VoIP telephone solution to meet your needs and we support the system directly so you do not need to go to a 3rd party.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting provides businesses with the ability to host their website on a server so that anyone with access to the internet can go to a web browser and gain access to your website. Website hosting with your IT provider allows one central place for all of your technology requirements which is a benefit to companies due to only requirying one number to call when their is an issue.

Does Hero IT Support assist with internet security?

Our internet security helps our customers stay safe when browsing the internet and we provide the best internet security endpoint protection to make sure that they are secure at all times. Internet security is managed remotely allowing management of the entire business at a click of a button, minimising any interruptions during business hours.

How do I create an app password for microsoft office 365?

The app password for Office 365 can be done by visiting your Office 365 account, going to the security & privacy section then generating one as per the guide located in our news articles here, alternatively if you require it support you should contact your managed it service provider to help you run through the steps.

How do I add a shared mailbox to the outlook app?

If you are using the mobile application which does not have the shared mailbox feature then the best way to add it to your mobile device is to add another mailbox, type in the email address with the password as per this guide here alternatively use your business it support service with your it provider to help you through the steps.

How do I get the same signatures across my entire company?

Businesses require unified signatures across the company to be seen as professional, this can include graphics which can be done very easily no matter what the size of the company using our hosted signatures service.

Is PAT testing a legal requirement?

The UK currently does not have a legal requirement for PAT testing but their are regulations in place regarding the maintenance of electrical applications and the most effective way would be to do this using PAT testing, see information on the regulations here.

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