How to Create an Advanced Search on Google

How to Create an Advanced Search on Google

You don’t need managed IT services to get a thorough organic search result. Use Advanced Search on Google to find exactly what you are looking for safely and securely: To complete an Advanced search on Google, type what you are looking for as normal in the search bar. Then when the results page is displayed, click ‘Settings’ then navigate to ‘Advanced Search’.

‘All these words’ – Here is where you enter what you are looking for in the Advanced Search on Google e.g ‘About Hero IT Support

‘This exact word or phrase’ – The keywords that you want to appear should go here in quotation marks e.g “IT companies near me”

‘Any of these words’ – If there are variations in what you are searching for you would put the keywords for both variations for example ‘IT Support’ or ‘VoIP’

‘None of these words’ If there is something you want to make sure doesn’t appear, you can type the words in here with a minus sign in front and Google will display results without these words e.g. ‘Pay per hour IT Support’

‘Numbers ranging from’ ‘to’ – If you are looking for a specific value, you place minimum and maximum values in here e.g. ‘£30’ to ‘£100’

‘Language’ Pick the language you want results to be displayed in

‘Region’ Select the country you would like your results to come from

‘Last update’ – You have a choice of viewing websites by when they were last updated:

  1. anytime
  2. In the last 24 hours
  3. up to a week ago
  4. up to a month ago
  5. up to a year ago

‘Site or domain’ – You can search a single site with the Advanced Search on Google such as ‘’ or you can search a domain like ‘.com’ or ‘org’

‘Terms appearing’ – You can choose where the keywords you entered in the beginning part of the search appear on a site. You can choose from:

  1. anywhere on the page
  2. in the title of the page
  3. in the text on the page
  4. in the URL of the page
  5. in any links to the page

‘SafeSearch’ – You can choose whether you want ‘most relevant results’ or to ‘filter explicit results’

‘File type’ – This section allows you to filter your search results by file type. You can select one of the following:

  1. any format
  2. Adobe Postscript (.ps)
  3. Autodesk (.dwt)
  4. Google Earth KML (.kml)
  5. Google Earth KMZ (.kmz)
  6. Microsoft Excel (.xls)
  7. Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
  8. Microsoft Word (.doc)
  9. Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  10. Shockwave Flash (.swf)

‘Usage rights’ – This gives you the option to filter the search results by licence options. Here are the following you can pick from:

  1. not filtered by licence
  2. free to use or share
  3. fee to use or share, even commercially
  4. free to use, share or modify
  5. free to use, share or modify, even commercially

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