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Unlimited IT Support


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We Have Your Back

You Need a Company Who Has Your Back

We love our Unlimited IT Support because it provides a fixed monthly cost and includes onsite support at no extra cost!

It works for us because it allows us to put as much time as needed to make sure you are able to provide the best service possible.


Fixed monthly cost

Keep support costs under control with fixed per-device, per-month invoicing, that grows with your business


Highly Skilled Engineers

Resolve IT issues, if they appear, with our team of highly trained professionals 


Long term Vision

We will create a road map & help budget your IT costs so there are no hidden fees


Automation, Software & Licensing

We continually monitor the health of your hardware & network, so we can resolve issues before they stop you.

Three Month Trial – Cancel Anytime

Trial lasts 3 months from commencement date

You can cancel any time or switch to another service within this period

The premium audit is included free of charge only in the Unlimited IT Support trial

Satisfaction Guarantee

We put tremendous care and attention into onboarding new customers. Our cancel anytime trial shows we have proven to our clients we have what it takes to deliver. 

We want to prove it to you! 

Not all IT Support is Created Equally

We want to be as transparent as possible to make sure you know what you are paying for and to make sure all your support requirements are included. 

We do not charge extra for: 

  • On-boarding

  • Office 365 Administration

  • Onsite Visits

  • Setting up a new PC/laptop

  • Replacing or upgrading hard-drives

  • RAM upgrades

  • Broadband speed-test & fixes

  • Setting up multi-factor-authentication (2FA/MFA)

  • Advice

  • A smiley face

Why Outsource Your IT Support

There are various reasons why businesses choose to outsource their IT support rather than employ in-house IT staff, here are a few:

  • Diverse range of Knowledge

    Our technicians have years of knowledge regarding different products which are shared amongst the team to make sure your issues are resolved. 

  • Staff Absence

    Every business has staff who become sick or take holidays and this can put pressure on making sure the business can stay productive. We take on this responsibility and we have a large team to make sure your IT requirements are always resolved. 

  • Experience

    Working in multiple industries allows us to pick up certain issues in specific industries and to proactively mitigate them for our clients. 

  • Cost

    Salaries, management, and policies add a lot of overheads on to a company. If you outsource then it is our responsibility to make sure you have support when you need it. 

6 Reasons You Need Hero IT Support

1. The Right Fit

We understand each business is different, this is why we take time to understand your business and requirements.

2. Dedicated Team

Our support team is dedicated to make sure we provide friendly and accurate support to your team.

3. On Your Side

It is about making sure that you are able to provide the service you desire to your clients, we are here to make sure that happens.


4. Digital Transformation

Keeping up with the latest technology is important but only if it provides value to your business. We keep up with the latest trends and will only make suggestions if it matches your business requirements.

5. Financial

Our fixed pricing model means that our clients are able to forecast and budget accordingly.

6. We are all Human

We are all human beings and we will always treat everyone with respect, our team enjoys coming into work and that helps with communication to our clients.