How to create an ‘App Password’ for Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

How to create an ‘App Password’ for Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication

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What is an ‘App Password’?

Multi-Factor is the latest in two-factor authentication technology from Microsoft. Some apps such as Skype and the Outlook mail app on some mobiles, cannot support the Office 365 and this new and secure verification process. If you do not create an ‘App Password’, an incorrect password error will just consistently appear, as it is unable to prompt you to enter a security code. Therefore, ‘App Passwords’ are created and used instead of your regular password. ‘App Passwords are long, one-time only and randomly generated strings of letters and numbers. As specialists in IT services, let’s take you through the steps.

How to create ‘App Passwords’ for Office 365

1. Sign in to your Microsoft Office 365 account via an internet browser, using the link 
2. Click on ‘Settings‘, then ‘Office 365
3. Click ‘Security & Privacy‘, then ‘Additional Security Verification‘. (You will only be able to view this option if Multi-Factor Authentication has been set up for your company. If you cannot see this option, call us, Hero IT Support on 0800 608 00 88.)
4. Click ‘Update my phone numbers used for account security
5. This will bring you to a new page where you should click ‘App Passwords‘, then ‘create‘ to generate an app password
6. You may be asked to name your app password, if so, choose a name and click ‘Next
7. Then click ‘Copy password to clipboard
8. Finally, go to the app you are trying to connect your Office 365 account with and when asked, paste the app password in the relevant box


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