Online Banking and Transferring Money

Online Banking and Transferring Money

Are you and your employees using online banking safely?…

Transferring money via mobile and online banking is easy and convenient in both business and personal use. However, cybercriminals take advantage of this convenience. Scams happen usually when buying or selling goods and the cybercriminal plays on your emotions with offers such as making money. There are a few kinds of scams involved with transferring money as explained below.

Take Action


Things to watch out for

  • Situations or goods that seem ‘too good to be true’
  • Items seem a lot cheaper than usual
  • People offering you more money that the asking price of something you are selling
  • Investment schemes
  • Unusual ‘processing fees’ or ‘tax’

Report it!

  • Call your bank immediately and inform them of any payments you have made
  • Warn other employees in the company so the mistake isn’t made twice
  • Phone us straight away on 0800 680 00 88 and report it to Action Fraud



Protect yourself and your business

  • Never transfer money to someone you have never met before
  • Never send ‘taxes’ or ‘processing fees’ for lottery wins
  • Never provide any bank details to anyone, this should always be kept confidential
  • Don’ make any prepayments for loans or credit cards
  • Never send a deposit for a car unless you are doing so from a reputable company
  • Never send money in an ’emergency’ without verifying the emergency
  • Never transfer money back fro a cheque or send the goods until a cheque has fully cleared
  • Do not transfer money for online purchases, use a safe and secure online checkout
  • Never open any links or attachments in emails, especially if you don’t know the recipient