Online Shopping Fraud

Online Shopping Fraud

How often do you or your employees use online shopping?

Online shopping has revolutionised the way that people shop these days, as it brings convenience, saves time and provides users with more choices. However, cybercriminals take advantage of the ease, the variety of choices and the increase in popularity of online shopping. They also rely on the anonymity of online shopping as victims don’t know who they are communicating with or purchasing from. Therefore, internet security around online shopping is now essential.


The Risks…

When using eCommerce websites, you have to be sure you are paying on secure sites as many cybercriminals set up fake websites with products that don’t exist, take your money and then close down the site. You are then left out of pocket without the item you searched for and no one to contact regarding your lack of money and product.
You are also at risk of WiFi cybercrime if using insecure internet connections, you are also at risk of your connection being intercepted and your payment and contact details being stolen. This then leaves you vulnerable to identity theft as well as financial theft.
When purchasing goods online, you are also at risk of receiving goods that are not as described and struggling to get a refund or the correct item. This is more likely from brands that are less known and don’t have big reputations. These companies may also not explain the full terms of a sale in order to catch you out and scam you of money.



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Take Action


Things to watch out for

  • Websites without the padlock and the words ‘secure’ in the top left of the address bar
  • Non-reputable sites offering items that seem too good to be true
  • Products not meeting their description
  • Goods arriving late or not at all

Report it!

  • Call your bank immediately and inform them of any payments you have made
  • Keep all receipts and evidence of payment made so you can prove that you completed the transaction and the money has come out of your account
  • Phone us straight away on 0800 680 00 88 and report it to Action Fraud



Protect yourself and your business

  • Always use reputable online shopping sites that you trust and others recommend
  • Pay by credit card rather than debit cards as they are more secure to use and can retrieve money back more easily if something goes wrong
  • Check the terms and conditions before making a purchase
  • Don’t reply to emails that you are unsure of, and don’t click any links
  • If you have been redirected to a different site, ensure it is secure before entering card details
  • Don’t pay over insecure WiFi connections
  • Always keep receipts from any purchase
  • Always check your bank statements to ensure no extra charges have been made
  • Ensure you have an up to date firewall and antivirus on all machines involved
  • Always check the returns and privacy policies before completing a purchase