Protect Your Website

Protect Your Website

Protect your business reputation and customer base

Do you know how to protect your website from cybercriminals?

You want to make sure your website is secure at all times from technical faults and cybercriminals. If something were to happen to your website, it could have a significantly negative impact on your business, from reputation damage to reduced revenue. Protect your website by reducing the vulnerabilities that cybercriminals target. Websites requite a lot of attention and looking after to ensure they are effectively portraying your businesses best qualities and services. 

Risks to your website

  • DDos or DoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service or Denial of Service)
  • Breach of Customer’s confidential data such as payment details
  • Website infrastructure failure
  • Defaced website displaying inappropriate and offensive content such as abuse and terrorism
  • Denial service messages
  • Reputation damage resulting in a loss of business

Protect your website – Take Action


  • Ensure your business software and hardware is up to date
  • Ensure your server is protected by a firewall and antivirus
  • Ensure your business operates with strong passwords
  • Never store customers’ confidential data on a public eCommerce server
  • Monitor log files to report intrusion attempts
  • Protect your SSL details and keep them secure
  • If your site is vulnerable to DDoS/DoS attacks, contact a specialist
  • Look into professional penetration testing


Protect yourself and your business

  • Review security and availability policy agreements with the hosting company you have chosen
  • Look into professional penetration testing to ensure your site isn’t vulnerable to hackers
  • Check that your SLA with the hosting company meets your business requirements

Report it

If you believe your website has been compromised by cybercriminals, call us immediately on 0800 680 00 88 and report it to Action Fraud.