Safe Apple Mac Use

Safe Apple Mac Use

Is your business implementing safe Apple Mac use?

Apple Mac devices are known for being less vulnerable to viruses and Malware, however, this does not mean that they are completely immune. Due to the continuing rise of Mac use in businesses, more and more infections are being developed each day by cybercriminals. Companies providing IT support services need to be aware of this in order to always provide the best internet security for clients. Macs are still vulnerable to malware, spyware and viruses a well as hackers trying to get personal and corporate information. Educating your employees on safe Apple Mac use is an important factor in reducing cybercrime.
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Protect your Apple Mac


Always check for updates. You can do this through ‘System Preferences’, then ‘Software Update’ and clicking ‘Check Now’. It’s a good idea to set automatic update checks to daily. You will need an admin password to do this. You can also manually check by selecting the Apple logo in the top left corner and clicking ‘Software Update’. You should also regularly check the app store for updates to any apps or software you have installed, as well as third party software.

Security settings

Make sure you have security settings configured such as the firewall by going to ‘System Preferences’, then click ‘Security’, ‘Firewall’ then click ‘Start’. Encrypting your Mac and ensuring it is backed up is also very important. Enable encryption by going to ‘System Preferences’, ‘Security’ then turn ‘FileVault’ on. Backups are done through ‘Time Machine’ or an eternal method, this is your choice.

Operating system

If you use something like Parallels to use a Windows operating system on your Mac, set this up like a normal Windows computer to ensure safe Apple Mac use.

User accounts

Set up user accounts and an admin account to have full security and control over your device.

Security features

Use features like the ‘Hot Corners’. This is handy when a user is away from their desk temporarily and needs to lock their Mac so no one else gains access to it. If you set up a ‘Hot Corner’ you can hover the mouse over a corner and the screen will be locked until the password is entered, protecting the content open. To do this, go to ‘System Preferences’, then ‘Desktop and Screensaver’, then in the bottom right of the open window, there should be a ‘Hot Corners’ button. Click this and you will be able to select a corner and ‘Screen Saver’ from the drop down menu.
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