How To Set Up Emergency Contact Information on a Mobile Device



If you or your child were to ever be in an emergency or an unresponsive state, those attempting to help can access the emergency contact information without needing to know the code to unlock the mobile phone. This way, all important medical information and emergency contacts are visible. Read the following guides to learn how to set up emergency contact information on a mobile. 

How To Set Up Emergency Contact Information on a Mobile – iPhone

1. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon from your home screen

2. Scroll down to and tap on ‘Emergency SOS’

3. Navigate down to the ‘Emergency Contacts’ section

4. Tap ‘Edit Emergency Contacts in Health’

5. Click the ‘Edit’ button in the top right corner

6. The first option available is ‘Show When Locked’ you want to slide this option to on so it shows in green. This means whilst the device is locked, the emergency contact information is still accessible

7. You then have the option to include the following information:

  • Name
  • Photo
  • Date of Birth
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medical Notes
  • Allergies and Reactions
  • Medications
  • Blood Type
  • Organ Donor
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Emergency Contacts

When adding emergency contacts, these are taken from your contacts list. You can also add what relation the emergency contact is to you, e.g “Friend”“Father”“Mother”

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Other Options

There are a few options you can edit under ‘Emergency SOS’.

Enabling the ‘Call with Side Button’ allows you to press the side button 5 times in a row to make an emergency call.

<b.’auto call'<=”” b=””> automatically calls the emergency services if enabled when you click the emergency call button. This requires a SIM card so that Auto Call knows which emergency number to call (e.g UK or USA). </b.’auto>


‘Countdown Sound’ plays a warning noise and counts down to call the emergency services.

Once you have configured all these settings you have set up emergency contact information on a mobile. 

How To Set Up Emergency Contact Information on a Mobile – Samsung

1. Click on the ‘Phone’ icon from your home screen

2. Then click on ‘Contacts’3. You will then see your personal contact at the top under the section called ‘Me’. Click on this

4. As you can see, at the bottom of your profile will be your ‘Emergency Medical Information’ and your ‘ICE- Emergency Contacts’. To edit these, click ‘Edit’ in the top right corner

5. Then scroll down to the bottom and you will find ‘Emergency Medical Info’ click on this to add your information

6. Fill in your medical information. You have the options of:

  • Medical Conditions
  • Allergies
  • Current Medications
  • Blood Type
  • Other

7. After you have added all your medical information, you can add emergency contacts. Make sure you click ‘Done’ to save the information you have filled in. Then go back to this screen and click ‘ICE- Emergency Contacts’

8. Here you can find the current emergency contacts. You can add more by clicking the plus button and choosing from your contact list

9. After completing all these steps, you will then be able to view your emergency medical information when your phone is locked by clicking ‘Emergency Call’. This means anyone can contact your emergency contacts if you are ever in an emergency situation. Once you have completed all these steps you have set up emergency contact information on a mobile 


How To Set Up Emergency Contact Information on a Mobile – Huawei

1. On your locked home screen, in the bottom left corner, click ‘Emergency Call’

2. Click ‘Emergency Information’

3. You can edit the following in your emergency information profile:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Blood Type
  • Allergies
  • Medication
  • Organ Donor
  • Notes

4. You can edit your emergency contacts by scrolling down on the same page and clicking ‘Emergency Contacts’

5. Finally, to add an emergency contact, simply tap ‘Add Contact’. Then once this is done, you have set up emergency contact information on a mobile