Top Ten Google April Fool’s Day Pranks

Top Ten Google April Fool’s Day Pranks

Each year a series of Google April Fool’s Day pranks are released, becoming more crazy and more elaborate each time. We here at Hero IT Support like a good gag, so here are some of the most entertaining pranks we have found.
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2007: Google TiSP

This was Google’s innovative creation for a free broadband service. TiSP stands for Toilet Internet Service Provider. People can gain free internet by utilising their toilets in their own home. The user feeds a water-proof cable down the toilet and flushes. This process takes about an hour for the internet to begin working after the cable has been found by the ‘Plumbing Hardware Dispatcher’ and connected. This provides families with 8Mbit/s standard or up to 32 with a paid plan. If issues occurred, users were informed to put eight mints in the toilet and add diet coke. A detailed guide on how to install the TiSP was published. This was followed up with FAQs on this new invention as well as the press release.

2009: Google Mobile – Brain Search

Brain Search is the latest in browsing the internet. Users simply place their mobile devices to their foreheads and think about what they are wanting to search for. Once the thought transmission has worked, a button appears saying “Search Me”. Once this button has been clicked, the search results then display. Fake results such as “Why is everyone looking at me so strangely?” appear.

2010: Animal Translator

This is one of the more popular Google April Fool’s Day Pranks. Google released an Animal Translator app for mobiles. This was the latest in “removing language barriers between species”. On the translator website, users can follow the guide which includes demonstrations with a donkey, goat, chicken, goose, a sheep and a cow.

2011: Chromercise

This is the exercise that took the nation by storm and was quite possible one of the most crazy Google April Fool’s Day pranks! Chromercise, exercise for the hands and fingers. When it was first launched, it was advertised on the site that finger sweatbands were available. Chromercise has been said to “increase your hand’s strength and dexterity” thus enabling you to browse the web faster and work more efficiently. Watch the video here to find out how to ‘Chromercise’. After completing work outs, users had the opportunity to share their stories.

2013: Google Nose

Google Nose is the latest version of Google’s ‘Scratch and Sniff’ books. Users put their mobile phones to their nose and can smell one of the 15M+ Scentibytes on Google’s Aromabase. Search for smells and sniff your phone, it’s as easy as that. With ‘Street Sense’ vehicles roaming the streets, inhaling and indexing the scents ready for users to smell. To find out more about how to use Google Nose, watch the promo video here.

2015: Pac Maps & elgooG

Google had some fun with the Google Maps site, changing one of the views to ‘Pac-Maps’. This meant that users could interact with the map by playing the classic game of Pac-Man, along the streets of Google Maps.
Google went backwards! Another one of the Google April Fool’s Day Pranks in 2015 was displaying the home search page with the logo backwards. As well as include the following mini features:

  • Underwater – fish swim along the bottom of the screen
  • Gravity – all the features on the screen fall to the bottom
  • T-Rex Game – a dinosaur game appears where you have to dodge the cacti
  • Pac-Man – people can play pac-man round the Google logo
  • Guitar – Turns the Google logo into a playable guitar
  • Snake Game – This turns the Google logo into a game of snake
  • My Location – This tells you the IP address and Geolocation for your location
  • Bing Mirror – Makes Bing backwards too

2016: Google Cardboard Plastic

The is the latest, it’s “beyond virtual reality. Actual reality”. Google Cardboard Plastic is an actual reality headset which displays in 4 dimensions, has 360 degree spatially correct sound and 20/20 resolution. Watch the video on this product here

2017: Google Gnome

Similar to Google Home, but for your garden. Google Gnome is activated when users say “OK Gnome”. With helpful actions such as filling up the bird seed or trimming the hedges with the “high-intensity lasers”, Google Gnome makes garden maintenance a breeze. To find out the full benefits of this product, Google released a promo video.

2018: Where’s Waldo?

To entertain users of Google Maps in 2018 for April Fool’s Day, Google decided to set a game of ‘Where’s Waldo’ across the whole world on Google Maps. Each time Waldo was found, the user was given another place to find him, until all five levels had been completed. By doing this, a sixth ‘secret’ scene was revealed on the moon which was only accessible by zooming out whilst using satellite view.
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