Trades Recommendation Websites

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How do you know which tradesperson to contract for your business?


If your business is looking to contract in a tradesperson to complete something such as building work or plumbing, be careful of the trades recommendation website you use. Usually the users of the less reliable trades recommendation websites pay a larger than usual fee as these sites may not even ask for qualifications and usually fake the customer reviews.

The Risks


  • The tradesperson or company you choose may have little to no qualifications and experience which could also lead to dangerous work
  • They may be trading with no public liability or employer liability insurance, so if anything were to go wrong, it would be very a long and difficult process to get it rectified
  • Customer reviews could be faked, leading to results below your business expectations
  • You may pay a lot more than usual for the work being carried out
  • The tradesperson could be disingenuous and request upfront payments with no intention of ever completing the work

Take Action


Things to watch out for

  • Tradespeople asking for upfront payments
  • Trades recommendation websites with no qualification or experience listings
  • Trades recommendation websites with customer reviews that seem ‘staged’ or ‘too good to be true’

Protect yourself and your business

  • Search for both negative and positive reviews on the tradesperson or company in question, don’t just use trades recommendation websites
  • Meet the tradesperson to discuss the job before agreeing anything
  • Always ask for the address and phone number for the tradesperson’s business and check the authenticity of the information provided
  • Ensure the tradesperson is insured, qualified and experienced
  • Get a written estimate before any work is carried out
  • If you pay an upfront fee, be sure to get a receipt. Also make sure you are given a receipt after the final payment

Report it!

  • Contact the police if you are put in danger