VoIP Phones: Empower Your Business

VoIP Phones: Empower Your Business

What Are VoIP Phones?

‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ phones are digital and rely on the internet. VoIP phones are geared for businesses with efficient capabilities for employees. Businesses use VoIP as it provides more features that standard phones. Some of these features include hold music and call transfers.

VoIP phones are the most cost-effective and productive way of taking calls for any business and solutions IT companies are proficient in supplying. There are so many benefits that VoIP can bring to your business, saving you time, money and overall improving your customer service. However, we do recommend that you have a phone using a broadband line in the event of an emergency, due to the fact that if there was a power cut, your VoIP phones wouldn’t work.

Increased Productivity

Click to Dial

VoIP brings companies up to speed with technology, with features such as desktop and mobile integration, employees can call from whichever device they are using. Integrating VoIP with desktop computers allows the ‘Click-to-Dial’ feature. This means if a mobile number appears, the staff member simply clicks the number with the mouse and their desk phone will ring the number.

This integration also means in the corner of the screen of the computer will be a box which pops up during calls and this shows who is calling your phone, allowing you to make calls personal.

‘Do Not Disturb’

If you or one of your staff have an important deadline and just cannot take calls, there is hand ‘Do not Disturb’ button meaning calls will not come through on your desk phone. This is similar to when you put your mobile on flight mode. Some VoIP systems also come with an instant messaging option allowing staff to communicate internally and quickly.

Improved Customer Service

Having VoIP unlocks many areas for your business to improve on the customer service you provide:

Conference Calls

This allows more than one of your employees to take part in a phone call with a customer in an event such as planning a big project which will involve a large team from your business and a large customer team. All of which would need to be involved in key decisions and meetings. If meetings are not geographically possible, VoIP conferencing removes any barriers.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant makes your business more efficient as your employees know the customer has come through to their department, therefore the employee is more likely to be able to assist the customer. This helps improve your customers experience as their queries will be solved quicker.

Hunt Groups

Hunt groups allow the customer to choose which department they would like to talk to. Your business may have a set-up with hunt groups such as ‘Accounts and Finance’, ‘Sales’ and ‘Customer Service’. This makes calling your business quicker and more dynamic, allowing the customer to speak to the right department.

Hold Music

Hold music tends to have a bad reputation, but being able to upload and customise your own music can be a great way of informing the customer of offers and deals they were previously unaware of.


Having VoIP enables colleagues to transfer calls to each other seamlessly, making the experience for the customer more professional and straight forward.

If you are looking for a reliable IT company who can support and manage your VoIP systems, contact us today.