Deploying Business iPhones Across Your Company

Deploying Business iPhones Across Your Company

iPad’s and iPhone’s can transform your business and how your employee’s work. There are many benefits to iOS for business such as better, faster connectivity, new maps and faster navigation. FaceTime over cellular networks, passbook (this is another feature that stores loyalty cards, rewards cards, movie and event tickets, airline passes) and many more. Improved mail app, do not disturb and SMS replies to incoming calls.

So as you can see this will significantly boost productivity and give your employee’s the freedom and flexibility they need to work in new ways. This has been proved that this empowers employees and it’s a better way to access information.

There are 3 different deployment models for iOS, they are

  1. Personalised device (BYOD)
  2. Personalised device (corporate-owned)
  3. Non-personalised device (shared)
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1. Bring your own device

BYOD is one of the most popular and common scenarios. It boosts mobile workforce and inspires user’s experience. Bring your own device is thriving in companies everywhere, an advantage of using mobile device management is that it allows you to corporate data and resources to be managed so that it is secure. This is also a way to stay respectful of the user’s personal privacy, data and apps. BYOD allows you (the administrator) and the user to prepare and infrastructure, set up and configure, distribute apps and books and ongoing management.

2. Corporate-owned

You can use personalised device models when deploying iOS devices that are owned by your organisation. This can configure the device with basic settings before giving it to the user.

3. Non-personalised devices

This is when devices are shared by several people and used for just one single purpose. They are configured and managed by an IT administrator, or a managed IT services provider, rather than a single user. Users generally do not store personal data and information or have the ability to install apps.

Deploying business iPhones for your employees can provide a fast and better strategy for your enterprises. We have recently deployed 60 iPhones to a client using our IT support services. This is an easier and more secure way for yours and also your customer’s enterprise and it is more supportive for your customers by doing mobile device management.

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