Is Microsoft Office 365 Right For My Business?

Is Microsoft Office 365 Right For My Business?

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular and talked about cloud solutions for businesses. However, with the cloud being a new managed backup platform most business owners still find themselves with more questions than answers when trying to decide if Microsoft Office 365 is right for their business.

Is Microsoft Office 365 secure?

Microsoft has been working hard to reassure businesses about data security in its cloud products. It now operates under the US-EU Safe Harbour Framework to ensure your data remains protected at all times.


Microsoft Office 365 now publishes uptime in its ‘trust center’ to show off how reliable its services are. For the first three quarters of 2015 the uptime was over 99.97%. Additionally, if your office with a traditional in-house email server, loses its broadband connection then your offline. With a cloud based service you can still get your emails on your phone or at another location with internet.


I would expect most businesses to see and overall cost saving by migrating to Microsoft Office 365. However as the costs are saved in things like licences when buy new machines, or reducing backup costs, it’s not always obvious to see the savings.

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Do I have to use the browser based apps?

(Word, Excel, Outlook)

No. The standard versions of Office 365 come with both the desktop app and the browser based option.

Is there any downtime when migrating?

Very little, and this can be managed to be out of hours to remove any impact on business operations.

Is Office 365 right for my business?

Now Microsoft has removed the Small Business Server in-house option, Microsoft Office 365 is becoming the default choice for many businesses renewing their infrastructure.

There is a lot more to Office 365 than just email and the Office apps (Delve, Sway, Skype for Business, SharePoint) so if your considering moving then talk to small business IT support, or take a look at the project work we can do for you.