8 Reasons Businesses Taking Unlimited IT Support

8 Reasons Businesses Taking Unlimited IT Support

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Our managed IT services and support are far more popular with businesses than the pay per hour equivalent. It builds trust and rewards the results your business needs to succeed. If your still having the same IT problems then this is the answer. Here are 8 important reasons as to why your business would benefit from IT companies and Unlimited IT Support.

1.Problems Fixed

We are specialist in getting problems fixed right the first time. Being unlimited means we have to keep sending engineers until the job is done. So it’s in everyone’s interests to get problems fixed fast and right.

2.Multiple Engineers

Before we ran an unlimited service if we wanted to send out multiple engineers it would double the hourly rate for the customer. Now we can send multiple engineers at no extra charge. Which leaves us free to make the tactical decisions about how best to resolve issues without money getting in the way.

3.Enterprise Technology

With our customers paying predictable monthly revenue it means we have been able to invest in our technology making our service even better. We use high end enterprise software so we can work smart for you.

4.24/7 Monitoring

We can monitor and fix issues 24/7. We don’t have to wait for money to be signed off, we can get on and resolve issues as soon as they arise. The keeps you productive and stops work queuing up for us.

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Fixing issues faster should be rewarded. We have invested in our automation to resolve and prevent common issues which might otherwise impact your business. These quicker and automated fixes means we can charge less for our small business IT Support than we used to charge per hour.

6.Easy to Budget and Scalable

Budgets are critical to business. Often the IT budget can be a gamble with potentially high cost. Our unlimited Managed IT Support product is priced per device, so you know how much your paying in advance, and it scales with your business.

7.Incentive for Your Success

Our Managed IT Support product is per device, which means if you grow then we grow. Our engineers are always looking for ways to help our customers reach their next level.

8.It’s Cheaper!

By signing up to a Managed IT Support contract with Hero IT Support you can get both better service for your business and pay less for it. This is because we have invested in this service in all the above points to reduce the engineering time required per issue. Our Unlimited IT Support normally works out cheaper than pay per hour.