Multi-Factor Authentication – The key to protecting your businesses Microsoft 365 accounts

Multi-Factor Authentication – The key to protecting your businesses Microsoft 365 accounts

As a company providing small business IT support, Multi-Factor Authentication is our latest feature to help protect our customers. It has been concerning with the amount of email scams going around recently and as a managed IT services provider we have taken extra care to ensure we don’t and our customers don’t become victims. Some of these emails have been very convincing and caught people out. The email fraudsters can gain access to your email accounts and send emails with fake, convincing links, getting people to confirm passwords and usernames. The fraudsters then save the logins and use them to email your customers and explain that your bank details have changed, resulting in your customers paying the scammers. Click here to read about the latest One Drive scam.  

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

  Luckily, we have a solution for you, to dramatically reduce this risk posed to your business. This is Microsoft Azure’s Multi-Factor Authentication. This feature safeguards the access to your data and your emails by using a very simple, hassle-free verification process. This verification comes in three options; a verification call, text, or mobile app notification. Using this second step of verification adds a second layer of security which scammers are highly unlikely to pass through. Multi-Factor authentication mitigates the threat with real-time monitoring. Ensuring that Office 365 accounts are monitored is important as this allows you to view any inconsistencies which could lead to potential threats. After monitoring, a summary report can show you the number of total authentications whether they were successful or denied. This keeps you or your IT services in full control of your business safety, giving you peace-of-mind. Having these verification alerts, is a bonus as they also act as a fraud alerts. If you receive an authentication request when you were not expecting one, this could be a sign that someone is trying to access your account without permission. If call verification is set up, you can enter the fraud alert code which will block your account and notify a secondary email (something that has already been configured). This second account could be your IT support services. Once appropriate action has been taken to ensure your data and account have not been compromised, your account can then be unblocked. The best part about this feature is, it comes at no extra cost. Speak to us today to find out how we can help your business stay safe, save money and remain productive.


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